2 – Food Selection

grocery store food selectionWhen people think of weight loss and healthy eating they automatically think of what they will be giving up food wise. Way wrong way of thinking. Depending on your goals, you won’t give anything up. You just have to defer some things. What we mean is you can’t eat junk EVERY single day of your life.

When you are trying to lose weight you have to give your body a break from the food that is weighing you down and making you feel tired and cranky.

Think food doesn’t have an emotional effect on your life?

Think about the last movie you watched and the woman was mad and upset. What did she do? Went to the fridge and scarfed down a container of ice cream. It made her feel better at the time. What did the guy do? Went to the bar and drank his sorrows away. Made him feel good at the time. We have an emotional connection to food. There are foods that actually make us feel bad. As well as food that make us feel better, alert, and ready for anything. We will help you distinguish the two.

What you will learn is that you can alter what you’re eating and still feel full. We will show you alternatives to the things you’re eating. We won’t just tell you, we will provide recipes and pictures of what we mean. You won’t be standing at the grocery store wondering what you should and shouldn’t pick up.



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