You know, I get REALLY surprised when other people get surprised when I tell them I eat chipotle when losing weight. But then my beautiful wife told me “its because they picture that huge burrito” when you say Chipotle.

chipotle burrito

This makes me realize how people don’t really understand food, or how a simple alter to your everyday meals can make them healthy and fun to eat. If you look up the calories in a Chipotle burrito most of the calories come from the tortilla. I don’t count calories at all and I suggest you don’t either. If you know food you don’t have to count calories. So get rid of the tortilla because everything else inside the burrito is oh so delicioso! 

But I take it one step further. To help me lose weight and make my meals lighter, I get my Chipotle bowl with NO rice and I only eat half of it in one sitting. I save the other half to eat a few hours later. I do this because:That may be why Chipotle created the bowl. They knew people would see the calorie intake and shy away from it. So being the genius business savvy people they are, they offer the bowl.

  • I don’t want to over stuff myself in one eating session
  • I allow my body to digest all of my food and not store it because I ate too much to digest
  • I keep my metabolism up the more I eat throughout the day (The more your metabolism is working the more weight you will lose)

As you can see in the picture above the first thing I do when I sit down to eat Chipotle is split it in half. I know going in I am only going to eat half and the rest will be eaten later. This is something I had to train myself to do. But the trick works wonders as I have lost 65 pounds using my #1 weight loss secret.

I would suggest you give this a try. Not only with Chipotle but with all of your meals. If you are constantly gaining weight or just maintaining, then something needs to change. The first thing you can do is eat smaller meals and eat more often during the day.

Remember the name of the game with weight loss is a higher metabolism. A great way to get a higher metabolism is to eat smaller meals more often. But it only works if you are eating the right foods. Eating a small portion of a kit kat bar is not going to cut it lol. Try eating a small piece of a kit kat bar and walk away. It will never happen (if you’re like me).

Now I know different size people can eat different size meals. It doesn’t matter you size just start “halfing” your meals. I know for me when I gained weight. I was not only eating the wrong things, I was severely OVER EATING.

No need to over eat you can get back to that meal in a few hours. Do your body a favor and allow it to digest the food you have already put down. When you do this you will look back and see how much you are actually over eating and you will realize what you actually need to get full.