Watermelon not only looks good and tastes good but has a great place in weight loss goals.

Next time you want something sweet try reaching for watermelon as an alternative.

Here is a great way to cut a watermelon for easier eating and storage. This is the only way we eat and store watermelon at our house now.

Watermelon Nutrition:

A cup fo watermelon has

46 calories
A Trace of fat
9.42 g of naturaly occurring sugars
11mg of calcium
a trace of iron
12.3g of vitamin c
6889mg of Lycopene (Antioxident-Rich Vitamin)

Stay Full:

Curbing cravings when you are trying to cut weight is always a challenge. Consuming water helps that process. But did you know you can replace that glass of water with a cup of watermelon?

Watermelon has a water content of 92%. Not only do you get a delicious snack but you are also getting rid of those cravies that could lead you to reach for something much worse.


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