The easiest answer to the above headline is to be PREPARED How many times have you been at work or even home and you get hungry and you just don’t know what you’re going to eat? You have nothing pre-made to grab and go. So you just roam around looking for your next meal like a bear in the woods 🙂 hungrybearinwoods By doing this, how many times have you reached for something healthy? I bet you can count on 1 hand how many times you have reached for something healthy when it wasn’t readily available. Well in this post I’m going to give you some great tips on how to not be that hungry bear in the woods and how to have healthy choices right in arms reach when you need them. Today is Sunday and I am going to be heading to the grocery store shortly. First thing I am going to do is go through my fridge and pantry to see what we have left from last weeks meal planning that can carry over to this week. (If you have junk food in your fridge, pantry or cabinets, THROW IT AWAY). Don’t leave temptation in the house. throwfoodaway I have a pregnant wife in the house so I know all about junk food temptation right now lol. While browsing my kitchen for what we have I am meal planning for the week. Meal prepping or meal planning is a BIG REASON for my weight loss success When you plan your meals ahead of time you set yourself up for success during the week because you know what you’re going to eat and what you are going to snack on. This drastically reduces the urge to get off track with your healthy eating and helps you to stay working towards your weight loss goals. Here are some meal prep ideas for the week: Snacking Prep

  • Chop up veggies and fruit and place them into individual containers and store in the fridge. Each day you leave for work grab a container to have ready to snack on while at work. Try cucumbers, peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas. These are all great with hummus or yogurt veggie dip.


  • Yogurt – Buy a bigger container of greek yogurt and each morning scoop out some and put into individual containers, top with fruit or granola, or both. It’s cheaper than buying the individually portioned sized yogurt because we all have different size appetites.
  • Apples, Grapefruit, Watermelon – Have your fruit in the morning for breakfast. Fruit has natural sugar that will help give you a nice boost and start to your morning.

Grilled Meat and Veggies grilledmeatprep

  • Grill several pieces of chicken breast and roast some veggies in the oven. Place them in individual containers and put some in the fridge to be eaten over the next few days. Then freeze the rest to be eaten later in the week for dinner or lunches.
  • Bake your favorite fish in the oven and place into containers to have for lunch or dinner throughout the week. You can include the veggies you already pre-made as a side dish as well.

Bagged Salad

But not the normal bagged salad you buy at the store. Buy fresh ingredients, chop and bag your own salad to be picked from throughout the week for lunches and dinner. This is more work. But trust me your freshly chopped and bagged salad will last much longer throughout the week. daysmealprepfresh-cut-bagged-salad You can use light dressing. But I prefer to use oil and vinegar and season it with a little salt and pepper. Each morning I scoop some salad into a container, make my dressing, and grab one of the grilled chicken breast I already grilled up and my lunch is ready to go.

Hard boiled eggs

These are great morning starters and can be prepared the morning of, or a day ahead. Eggs are an excellent protein source and this is an easy way to have your eggs on the go.

Crockpot Meals

Crockpot meals are one of THE best ways to meal prep and it’s so easy to use a crockpot throughout the week as well. Just throw the ingredients in, turn on the crockpot, and walk away LIKE A BOSS! Here are some great crockpot slow cooker recipes.   I hope you enjoyed some of these tips for the best way to eat healthy during the week. Now get in the kitchen and start prepping this weeks meals. Leave me a comment below to let me know your meal prep ideas or just to say hello.