If you could pick which would you choose. Burning more fat the one hour a day you exercise? Or burning more fat the 23 hours a day you are not exercising? The answer seems quite obvious and it is. You can train your body to burn fat at rest, but it still requires exercise. Focusing your attention on specifically fat burning exercises will enable you to burn more fat at rest.

Fat Burning Exercises At Home

Did you know there are specific fat burning exercises for women and men that you can do at home? We all focus on burning fat while exercising.  But, you can burn more calories at rest than you currently are with the information below. Here’s the trick though it is not a trick.

Perform high intensity interval training.

Doing so will enable you to burn more fat when at rest. Many struggle trying to lose that belly fat.  High intensity interval training makes it easier to lose that stubborn belly fat.

Calories and Exercise

First, let’s review some physiology. At rest 60% of the calories you burn come from fat.  Believe it or not but percentage actually drops when doing aerobic exercise to 55%.  But, because you are burning a total of more calories while exercising than you do doing nothing you end up burning more fat calories with aerobic exercises than you do while at rest. But, here’s the fascinating part. If you exercise above your aerobic zone into what is called your anaerobic threshold (above 85% of your maximum heart rate) you burn more calories from carbohydrates, 90% or more (and 10% or less from fat. Well that doesn’t seem to help burn more fat. But, after a bout of high intensity interval training style exercieses you will continue to burn calories at a higher rate from fat stores when at rest. Since you spend most of your day not exercising it is more desirable to burn more fat while at rest than when you are exercising. Exercising above your anaerobic threshold can only be maintained for short periods and is best accomplished by doing short bursts of exercise performed at near full exertion followed by periods of rest or very low intensity and repeated over again.

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

At the end of the day high intensity interval training enables you to burn a higher percentage of fat calories throughout the day even though you will burn a smaller percentage of fat calories during the short time you are exercising.

How to Do High-Intensity Interval Training

You can use any form of aerobic exercise to perform high intensity interval training.  But, instead of exercising at a steady pace for 20 or 30 minutes, periodically increase the intensity so that you are exercising at 85% of your maximum heart rate for 20 seconds to 60 seconds bursts followed by a slower pace to catch your breath that might last one or two minutes then do another burst at high intensity. Maximum heart rate can be calculated by subtracting your age from 220. So if you are 42 your maximum heart rate is 178 (220-42). Take 85% of that and the target heart rate to get to cross the anaerobic threshold is 151.

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Dr. Joe

Dr. Joe

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Dr. Joe is Joseph G. Jacko M.D.

He is board certified in internal and sports medicine and his main practice interest is helping patients achieve optimal health through hormone replacement therapy (men and women) and exercise and nutrition.

He is a certified fitness trainer through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).

Dr. Joe has given numerous talks on sports medicine, exercise, nutrition, and hormones. He has two chapters published in Hughston Orthopaedic Clinic: Sports Medicine Book and is in the process of writing his first book based on the content he has written for his personal website Anti-Aging World.