motivation to workoutWe all have those moments where we don’t feel like doing anything. We’re at work and don’t feel like working. We’re at home but just don’t feel like cleaning. We know we need to workout but are just not feeling it.

Well I have 4 simple steps that will help you get that workout in no matter what.

Set a goal

Make your goal specific and SUPER easy. When I say super easy I mean make your workout 5 minutes a day. Then work yourself up to 15-20 minutes, or more depending on how your goals grow. When you set your specific goal specify what activities you will do. Will you be doing 100 jumping jacks, 50 push-ups, 50 squats, or what? Be specific about what you will be doing during your workout. Stick to one goal for one month. If you find this goal is too easy. Scrap this goal and set another goal. Work your way up to doing full body workouts on a consistent basis.

Workout in the morning

When you’re first starting out with your consistent exercising it is very easy to find excuses and reasons why you have to skip your workout. When you become more discipline with your workouts you can move your workout time around. But DO NOT deviate from the plan for at least a month of consist workouts. By working out in the morning it becomes a routine, like brushing your teeth. You do brush your teeth right lol.

Working out in the morning is helpful because it’s when you have the most energy. It sets your metabolism for the day. You can focus better and you will have more energy to last through the day

Write it down

If you don’t write down your goal it won’t appear important to you. So write it down and post it up somewhere where you will see it every day. Also write down your daily workouts. Get in the habit of logging what exercises you did, how many, and how long you took, date, and time. By logging your progress you can visually see your progress which will motivate you to keep going. Make sure you log your workout immediately. Don’t put it off and forget what you did.

Tell someone

Let your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else you come in contact with know that you are starting to workout. By telling others about your goals you force yourself to follow through. It’s like having a workout buddy (which should be reason #5) if you know someone is looking for you to do something you should oblige and follow through.

I hope you like these motivations to workout tips. They are simple and easy to follow. Make sure you follow through and get started on your workouts today