Welcome to the 30 Day AB and Squat Challenge.

This is meant to challenge your lower body and core to the fullest. Consisting of 3 main exercises, the squat, the crunch, and sit ups the goal is for you to progressively get stronger and do more throughout the month.

This core and butt challenge will definitely keep you motivated as you push yourself to do more and more.

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Come back and let me know how you did. I would love to hear about your progress.



30 Day AB and Squat Challenge Explanation

So you’re here to learn about the ab and squat challenge and maybe give it a shot?

First, you’ll want to understand what you may be getting into.

Second you’ll want to know what this challenge is NOT.

If you are looking to use this challenge to lose weight, we have better options.

This challenge is meant to help strengthen your core and shape your butt. To have the most effect on doing that you’ll want to make sure you’re down to a certain percentage of body fat.

Most people think the secret to get 6 pack abs is to bust our the crunches and don’t stop until it hurts.

That is the WRONG approach to getting that chiselled look. You will want to pay attention to your diet as well as what type of cardio you are doing as well.

But if you understand what this challenge is meant to do, I highly suggest you download the 30 day ab and squat challenge printable calendar.

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30 Day AB and Squat Challenge Calendar

YES, we offer a challenge calendar. Just click the “SHARE” button above and the link will appear for you to download the calendar as well as other instructions.