Best 30 Day Plank Challenge Printable Calendar

Best 30 Day Plank Challenge Printable Calendar

The plank challenge is one such program available that claims to provide you with awesome abs. Plank exercises are a few of the overall perfect exercises you can do to improve your entire core.

Understanding The Plank

It is good for you to know what plank actually is before you think about doing the program. Planking is just about the way you are going to keep your body off the ground and in a straight line. There are so many kinds of planks available that include the one legged plank. Forearm plank and also push up plank. There are also planks that have got the movement of cardio element included in that. If you have any pain on lower back or neck then it indicates the weakness of the lower or upper parts of your spine. A weak core can make your back sag to the ground. Sagging can really lead to compression of vertebrae, pressurize discs and also can cause inflammation to joints.

What is in 30 Day Plank Challenge?

I’m glad you asked! It is good for the individuals to really understand this before they enter into the challenge so that it becomes much easier for them to get the body in best form and core strengthened. In days 1 and 2, individuals need to hold it for 20 seconds, days 3 and 4 you need to hold for 30 seconds. In the day 5 it is necessary for holding it for 45 seconds. The 6th day you should take

  • In days 1 and 2, individuals need to hold it for 20 seconds
  • Days 3 and 4 you need to hold for 30 seconds
  • In the day 5 it is necessary for holding it for 45 seconds.
  • The 6th day you should take rest and in the 7- 8 day need to hold for 45 seconds
  • The 9th day it is necessary for holding that for 60 seconds.
  • Then from the 10th day to the 30th day it is necessary for increasing 30 seconds after every 2 to 3 days.

On the 30th day you may get the possibility for being up for about 300 seconds. This is really helpful for your body to stay in tune and in good form.


Advantages of the Plank

Planking can help in standing straight and improving posture. It can also aide in improving simple tasks like getting out of a chair or lifting a small child.

There are various kinds of planks available to keep things interesting.

Static Knee Forearm Plank


instagram-follow-healthylifefocusThis is the kind of the plank in which you can start by keeping knees together on the ground. The elbows should be kept in such a position under the shoulder and the weight should be made to place on forearms. The spine should be flattened and then press through the elbows for keeping the chest from moving forward. The navel should be sucked into spine and the abdominal should be tightened well. You need to then look down and keep the neck in a position aligned along with the spine.

Static Forearm Plank

This is the plank in which the toes should be kept together and also should be kept on the ground. The elbows should be kept under shoulders and also the weight should be placed on forearms. The spins should be flattened and the elbows should be pressed for keeping the chest from falling in forward direction. The navel should suck into spine and the abdominal should be tightened. Then look down so that your neck is in a positioned aligned with the spine.

This is the kind of the exercise pattern that can really make the you have good form and strengthen your core.

Download the printable calendar above and get started. Be sure to tell us how you’re doing.


  1. I tried this today… Day 1 (10-30-13) I barely made 20 seconds. :)

    • At least you made 20 seconds!I have to say the picture makes it look a lot easier than it really is. I just started and was all shaky and could feel my muscles getting a workout.

    • Me, too! Started yesterday! And barely could do 20 seconds!

  2. Do you plank for 20 sec 1 time each day or should you do it more?

    • I mean I know you gradually increase the time but for example day 1; I did the plank for 20 sec should I do 20 sec a few more times today?

      • Kira,
        You’ve probably figured it out by now. LOL Just came across your question.

        I’m just starting with planks.

        You can do more each day, if you choose to, but do at least the minimum each day. After the minimum, it’s up to you to do more or not.

  3. Sixty and have started this week with daughter. She is thirty and runs marathons. Tough but mind over matter..

    • Excellent to hear Vern! Good Job. Keep up the good work.

        • Hello Zella,

          This particular challenge only goes by seconds. You can click the share option in the middle of this page to download the 30 day plank challenge calendar

  4. Do the planks have to be done continously or can you take a break. So for 2 minutes, break it into 4x 30 sec planks.

    • Hello Cas,
      The goal is to hold the plank continuously to strengthen your core. If you can’t hold it for 2 minutes, yes take breaks and work your way up until you can hold if for 2 minutes continuously.

  5. Have been doing this for couple weeks and have attained 2 minutes. I know what the record is, but what is reasonable target for an 83-yr old guy?

    • That’s just amazing. I think YOU hold the record Stan. Very motivational. Some 20 year olds can’t hold for 2 minutes. Great job!.

      Keep going and let us know what you time you get up to.

      You should have someone take your picture or video of you doing your plank and post it to our Facebook page I know the community would love to see this motivation.


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