Since I’ve lost so much weight I get a ton of questions about what I did and what others can do to lose weight. One of the most popular questions is:

“What are the Best Foods for Weight Loss?”

While there is no miracle food that will burn off calories or allow you to eat and eat non-stop, there are still several foods that are beneficial and even helpful to those who are trying to eat well in order to lose weight; the best foods for weight loss are delicious, nutritious and will not damage one’s diet effort if eaten in moderation. The foods that make this list include all of the following:

sidenote: we will be doing a list like this pretty often. So make sure you stay tuned.


oatmeal is in the best foods for weight loss part 1 list

This breakfast staple is a healthy and nutritious food that is quite helpful for those that are trying to lose weight. Because oatmeal helps to keep a person feeling fuller for a longer amount of time it is the perfect way to start the day. Breakfast eaters and particularly those who eat hot cereals for breakfast are generally slimmer and have a more healthy BMI than their non-breakfasting counterparts. Besides hot oatmeal one can eat oatmeal mixed with some plain, low fat yogurt and fruit instead for variety and a quick hearty dieter’s breakfast.



salmon made it to the best foods for weight loss part 1 list


Salmon is an excellent source of protein that is both lean and tasty. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are purported to be helpful in weight loss. Remember to keep sauces lean and low calorie and to refrain from overly fatty toppings. High protein salmon tends to help keep one feeling full long after the meal has been finished.



broccoli made the cut for best foods for weight loss part 1 article


Low in calories, fat free and full of nutrients and fiber, broccoli is simply a good food that is good for you. Because this vegetable is so low calorie it is a common accompaniment on a lunch or dinner plate. Often a rather larger helping of broccoli can be eaten because it counts for so few calories. And this bulk can help one feel fuller and stay full longer.


apples are probably my number one best foods for weight loss item


Apples are high in fiber and have a high water content and are perfect for a brown bag lunch of a take along snack. Nutritious and delicious, apples also add a crunch to one’s diet which can in and of itself make a dieter feel more satisfied. A medium apple is under 100 calories and packs a crunchy , nutritious punch and is useful in curbing cravings and in staving off hunger.


blueberries is a must best foods for weight loss item


A whole cup of these little gems only has 80 calories. These are chock full of anti-oxidants and also are high in fiber. Berries can be added to a nice bowl of oatmeal or some low fat yogurt for a sweet treat that is healthy and full of vitamins. Even frozen berries can be quite good for you and a handful of frozen blueberries on a hot summer’s day is a very satisfying but healthy treat.



pears are probably number 2 on my list of best foods for weight loss


A pear has about one sixth of the daily requirement for fiber in one low calorie, sweet to eat treat. Pears should be eaten with their skin to get the full benefits of the fiber they contain. One medium sized pear is an excellent snack and will help to keep hunger pangs away for quite some time.



grapefruit made the list of best foods for weight loss


Made up of predominantly water, grapefruits are an excellent way to start a meal. The high water content will make a person feel fuller and therefore eat less. A half of a grapefruit has less than 40 calories so that adding these at the beginning of a meal can greatly reduce the overall caloric intake because of the full feeling a grapefruit can cause.



oranges are on the best foods for weight loss part 1 list


At around 60 calories a high fiber orange is a great snack or meal accompaniment. The fiber will make you feel fuller longer. The high vitamin C content of an orange can also help to burn fat. It is important to actually eat an orange rather than drinking orange juice which will not be as filling because of the reduction in fiber.



kidney-beans on the best foods for weight loss list

Kidney beans, black beans, white beans, black beans and chick peas are just a few of the varieties that are high fiber and high in protein and are a great addition to the diet for anyone wanting to lose weight. Add some beans to a green salad, eat them instead of meat for a lean protein source or enjoy then as a side dish. Beans will help to make a dieter feel full and will add fiber, vitamins and protein to the diet.



quinoa on the best foods for weight loss list

This whole grain is very high in protein. It actually offers a complete protein which is uncommon in grains and plant based foods. While it is higher in calories than many other fruit and vegetables and even some grains, keep in mind this is a higher protein food that has a nice amount of fiber in it and it will fill you up and satisfy your hunger.



cauliflower is on the best foods for weight loss list


A cup of cooked cauliflower only has 30 calories and raw cauliflower is about the same. It is one of those foods that an extra helping or two of is generally considered permissible. Low calorie, low glycemic load, high fiber, full of vitamins and minerals, this is one of the more perfect foods for anyone watching their weight.



Some might call these super foods, some might disagree with one or two of the foods on this list and others will swear that no matter what they eat they cannot lose weight. No matter what, these foods are healthy and nutritious and should be worked into a diet that also includes several glasses of water and perhaps some unsweetened green tea daily. The former helps to fill you up and keep you hydrated and the latter does all of that plus adds some anti-oxidants to the diet. As with everything in life moderation is the key with foods as well. Salmon is healthy but eating a pound of salmon in one sitting will not be healthy or helpful on the quest to lose weight. While these are among the best foods for weight loss this is not an exhaustive list and as with all health endeavors consulting a physician, especially if you have an underlying health issue is important when dealing with a good weight loss plan.