I get questions all the time about different things. But when I engage in a conversation with someone I typically can pin point some problem areas in their eating habits that may be restricting them from losing weight. For most of us who just “maintain” their current weight, losing weight is really just an adjustment here and an adjustment there. Throw in some exercise and you’re good to go.

Here are 3 reasons your breakfast may be your weight loss speed bump.

  1. But I just had eggs: oh yeah with 2 pieces of toast, hashbrowns and sausage, and a yogurt parfait with fruit and nuts on top. I also had a large smoothie. Having a few things to eat for breakfast is perfectly fine. Just make sure you keep track of everything you are eating. Adding things to your meal on top of your base meal adds up really fast. You can turn your 100 calorie breakfast into a 350+ calorie breakfast in no time flat. This is why I encourage you to keep a food journal. When you can see everything you have eaten it helps to guide your next few meals.
  2. I just had a bowl: I only had a bowl of cereal or a bowl of oatmeal. Yeah but what size bowl did you have? And we’re you aware the serving size on that “healthy” cereal box goes by cups and not bowls. When you’re in a rush just eye balling serving size may not be the best thing when you are trying to cut weight. When selecting things like cereal, be sure to compare the nutritional information on the box. You might be surprised to find your “healthy” cereal is actually higher in calories, carbs, and fat then some of the other regular cereals.
  3. It was just a few muffins: I love to hear these stories because we all try to “health-ify” our favorite foods. Just because the terms “whole-grain”, “nuts”, “seed” get thrown around doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best breakfast option for you. A big misunderstanding is that whole-grain is the best way to go when losing weight. Plus were those muffins homemade, or store bought. Either way you don’t really know all of the ingredients that were put into those muffins, or pumpkin breads. Stick with foods with more protein to help you feel full longer. Suchs foods as scrambled eggs, greek yogurt, or fresh fruit.


Breakfast is a very important meal. THE most important meal of the day. Make sure you are starting out on the right foot. Here are a few breakfast recipes to try.